The 3T Platform


3T is a cloud-based platform that offers an alternative to paper-based traceability systems. With its intuitive point-of-care mobile app and its interactive web portal, it provides users with decontamination compliance tools.

3T  guides users through all process steps, recording decontamination events and making them available in real time across the organisation.

Data from decontamination events are securely stored in the cloud and can be found on interactive dashboards that allow administrators to view and share customised reports.



Tristel Products Supported by 3T




The 3T interactive web portal gives administrators the autonomy to quickly and easily setup and maintain 3T within their organisation.


3T provides organisations with a user-friendly and efficient way to view user interactions with products, medical devices and clinical settings.


The 3T mobile app adopts a ‘scan first’ approach, where users can fast track each process, from initial login to the recording of data on medical devices or Tristel products.


3T has been developed to cover regional regulations and allow complete customisation.



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