Tristel Protect

Tristel Protect provides short-term storage and transportation for reusable medical devices.


Tristel Protect is designed to transport or store clean devices for up to 72-hours. For emergency situations such as patient intubation, Tristel Protect keeps your device clean and ready to use.

Tristel Protect can also be used to transport dirty devices to the reprocessing area.


Each Tristel Protect bag has a pocket label on the front to store traceability data with the device.

The date and time of each decontamination procedure can be recorded on each bag, to quickly check the device is within its 72-hour storage time.


Tristel Protect is designed for the transportation or short-term storage of small and medium-sized, rigid and flexible, semi-critical medical devices such as laryngoscopes and nasendoscopes.

Product Options

Each box of Tristel Protect contains 100 (2 x 50) bags.

Tristel Protect is available in large (31 x 71cm) size.