VisiBlu (Coming Soon)

VisiBlu is making training visible.

Whether devices are being wiped during the cleaning stage, or whilst delivering high-level disinfection, every device decontamination process involves wiping.

VisiBlu is the first product to train healthcare professionals how to wipe medical devices by hand.

Using an innovative color technology, VisiBlu users can see the effects of their actions in practice. Highlighting how users should handle devices and the best way to achieve full coverage every time.

For use on devices such as ultrasound probes.

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    Did you know that during decontamination, all medical devices are wiped by hand?

    Whether being wiped during the cleaning stage or whilst delivering high-level disinfection, every device decontamination process involves wiping. It is the effective combination of manual action and chemistry to cover and clean devices that make them safe to use for the next patient.

    If the process is done by hand, then the training should be too.

    As an interactive training tool, VisiBlu enables users to learn with their hands. When we use our hands, we activate muscle memory. Coupled with visible markers, color technology maximizes learning potential.


    VisiBlu training is fast and easy (just like wiping a medical device). Simply apply color and then remove it.

    VisiBlu Wipes are coated in a synthetic dye that will temporarily mark the surface of a device blue. Skin safe and compatible with devices, the color will apply evenly, dry quickly and remain visible until removed.

    VisiBlu Foam mimics medical cleaning and high-level disinfecting products that are applied by hand. The foam generates chlorine dioxide chemistry. When wiped over devices coated in color, the visible blue will disappear. The chlorine dioxide foam is destroying the color, the same way that it destroys harmful microorganisms. Quickly and completely.

    VisiBlu lets users see their own success.

    Training Support

    One VisiBlu compliance training kit can provide a training session for 10 people. Once the steps have been followed, our team is here to issue certificates for your records.

    Don’t have time for a training session?

    VisiBlu works on your terms. When a group session is not possible, the product will still work for individual training. For new starters, VisiBlu can be used daily or weekly to quickly build familiarity with the wiping process, and for experts in the field, VisiBlu can be used bi-annually or annually as a refresher.