Tristel is an infection prevention company. The purpose of our business is to develop innovative solutions to prevent the transmission of microbes from one object or person to another. We achieve this by applying a powerful biocidal chemistry – chlorine dioxide – to a target environmental surface or medical device. Tristel is one of a very few companies worldwide that can legitimately claim to be exclusively an infection prevention business.​

Our mission is most relevant to hospitals and healthcare facilities where the risks of infection to individuals are highest.​

We pursue our purpose of preventing infection in hospitals because infection causes illness and death and places a heavy cost on individuals and society. We can achieve our purpose because we have developed a proprietary disinfection technology utilizing the molecule chlorine dioxide. The chemical symbol for chlorine dioxide is ClO. ​We are unique worldwide in using ClO as a high-performance disinfectant. We are also unique in enabling high-performance disinfection of medical devices via manual application of the chemistry.​​

Our head office is located in a quiet English country village called Snailwell. It is in the county of Cambridgeshire, about twenty miles from the university city. We have subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, India, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. ​

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