Product Training

Training and certification are essential for compliance with user instructions, and ultimately for the correct implementation of any decontamination protocol. This is why Tristel developed the Training Portal, to be accessible at a time and place convenient for you.

Our Sales Representatives are at your full disposal for initial roll-out training. For additional training, the Training Portal is your go-to platform.

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The Training Portal contains various videos that explain how to use Tristel’s products for the decontamination of instruments (Tristel Portfolio) and surfaces (The Cache Collection). At the end of each video, a questionnaire will load. When all questions are answered faultlessly, a personalised training certificate is automatically issued. This certificate will be valid for one year.


Completing your training online is not only convenient and efficient, but it also provides you with valuable data. In addition to achieving increased compliance, keeping your training records up to date is vital for demonstrating to Quality Assurance professionals and auditors that you and your teams are carrying out decontamination events in line with the latest available instructions and information. Tristel can provide you with monthly Training Portal reports, to give you the data you need to fulfil your reporting requirements and drive your team to excellence. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

Training Portal Icons

To begin using the Training Portal simply request your access code from Tristel, visit, enter your details, including your access code and you can start training.

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