Chlorine Dioxide (CIO₂)

A proprietary chlorine dioxide chemistry (ClO2) is at the heart of our innovations, and the needs of healthcare professionals around the world inspire our solutions.

Unique chemistry and packaging technology go hand in hand to deliver solutions that are effective, user-friendly, portable and low hazardous. These characteristics make Tristel products accessible to healthcare professionals anywhere, anytime.

Tristel ClO2 is a powerful biocide with proven efficacy against a broad spectrum of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeasts, fungi and mycobacteria. This is why the ClO2 chemistry is classified as a high-level disinfection solution (HLD).

Tristel’s ClO2 solutions comprise two separate compartments containing Tristel Base Solution (citric acid) and Tristel Activator Solution (sodium chlorite). Tristel ClO2 is generated when these two solutions are combined at the point of use.


The biocidal activity of ClO2 is attributed to its oxidative action against microbes. ClO2 destroys pathogens via electron exchange, sequestering electrons from the microorganism’s vital structures such as cell walls, membranes, organelles and genetic materials. This causes a molecular imbalance leading to the microorganism’s death. Unlike non-oxidizing agents, microbes cannot develop resistance to ClO2 because they are completely destroyed.

In addition, ClO2 is widely regarded as one of the most effective disinfectants for biofilm removal and prevention.

Originally used in water treatment and food industries, ClO2 has now been adopted as the go-to high-level disinfectant in the medical setting. Tristel is the only company in the world that has succeeded in developing ClO2 for medical device disinfection in healthcare.