About Us

Founded in 1993, Tristel is an Infection Prevention company with headquarters in the United Kingdom and direct operations across Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Our purpose is to prevent the transmission of infections in healthcare facilities. We pursue this purpose because infections place a heavy burden on individuals and society, causing illness and even death. We can achieve our purpose because we have developed solutions that are powered by our proprietary chlorine dioxide (ClO2) formulation.

The unique properties of the Tristel ClO2 technology have enabled healthcare practices to deliver high-level disinfection at the point of care, while ensuring a smooth workflow.


Tristel & Ophthalmology
Infection prevention and control is a fundamental part of the broader infrastructure required for safe ophthalmic practice. To avoid infection transmission from patient-to-patient, and patient-to-healthcare workers, appropriate and routine reprocessing of the device is critical. However, in the absence of a suitable solution infection prevention departments and ophthalmologists struggle to reach a consensus.1

As much as requirements such as the appropriate level of disinfection and device compatibility are important, the reprocessing solution must be practical and correspond to the variability and intensity of ophthalmic practices. The options for high-level disinfection available to ophthalmologists are limited and pose a significant challenge to ophthalmologists to maintain workflow. At the same time, the convenience of alcohol solutions challenges infection control teams to comply with a higher standard of reprocessing, putting patients at risk.

Today, ophthalmic practices can easily improve their standard of care; Tristel ClO2 has minimal impact on workflow and ensures rapid instrument turnaround.



1. https://www.canadianjournalofophthalmology.ca/article/S0008-4182(15)30095-8/fulltext