Tristel 3T

Tristel 3T is the digital traceability system that makes tracking each decontamination procedure secure, fast, accurate and smart.


Tristel 3T includes a Portal for setup, data management and reporting purposes and an App on a smart device to record Tristel decontamination procedures.

The 3T App captures the user, Tristel product, medical device, and patient number via the scanning of barcodes, minimising human error. The 3T App is used during the decontamination procedure, saving valuable time.

Tristel 3T stores data on a secure Microsoft Azure Cloud. Unlike traditional paper-based methods which could be accessed by anyone, 3T data is password protected on the Portal.

Want to try Tristel 3T? Contact your Tristel Territory Manager or click here to contact Tristel and arrange your trial.


Product training is an essential part of guideline compliance and is crucial to the correct implementation of any decontamination protocol.


The 3T App includes short optional training videos to guide users through the correct use of each product. Gesture technology enables the user to progress to the next step without touching the smart device, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.


The 3T App counts down the contact time of the disinfectant, a step that cannot be skipped, emphasising the importance of contact time and ensuring it is adhered to.

After-Sales Support

Tristel 3T is continually updated to improve user experience. Follow our helpful guide on how to update to the latest version of the 3T App.


Alongside set up guides, our support team can offer additional training. For more information, click here to contact us.